National Grilled Cheese Day trivia: Mr. Kraft, the Virgin Mary, finicky mice, more [Infographic]

Friday’s National Grilled Cheese Day is a foodie holiday that’s of obscure origin but is easy to get behind -- unlike, say, Bread Machine Baking Month (January) or Soy Foods Month (April).

The entire month of April has been dubbed Grilled Cheese Month (sorry, soy foods), and it brings out the best in grilled-cheese chefs. Examples: Brie with bacon from L.A.'s Grilled Cheese Truck; Fontina and provolone on house-made garlic bread from San Francisco-based the Melt; and the fried egg-topped croque-madame from La Dijonaise in Culver City.


Occasionally, it also brings out the worst. A brave colleague once sampled (and spat out) a Nutella-and-bleu-cheese sandwich. She was a judge at L.A.'s Grilled Cheese Invitational, held each April to mark Grilled Cheese Month. This year’s will be held April 20. Expect some gooey surprises.

But whether we take our grilled cheese plain, with a Dodger dog or with grilled Fontina and blackberry basil, we can all appreciate cheese-related trivia. Nibble on our awesome infographic, below, for cheesy facts in honor of National Grilled Cheese Day.

Click on the graphic to peruse a larger view.