Order from Pizza Hut through your XBox: Really, why get up?

Next time you’re deep in a two-day stretch of nonstop, energy-drink-chugging, no-showers gaming and your tummy starts to rumble, you don’t even have to get off the couch to order a pizza. Gamers and flat-out lazy people can now order a pizza from Pizza Hut using an XBox 360.

The pizza chain and Microsoft launched a Pizza Hut app Tuesday that will allow users to order a pizza from their game consoles and have it delivered to their door.

All you need to do is sync your XBox Live account with a Pizza Hut account. You can then build and select your pie using the game controller, voice input or Kinect gestures, according to

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All orders received from the app during the first week it’s live will receive a 15% discount.


There are, however, a couple of drawbacks to ordering your pizza through an XBox. For starters, you still have to pause the game you’re currently playing to order a pizza. Kind of defeats the purpose of not having to stop playing to order.

You also still have to actually get up off the couch to retrieve the pizza from the delivery person. This also doesn’t help when all you want to do is play Grand Theft Auto IV until you develop carpal tunnel and your bottom becomes part of the cushion on the couch.

Pizza Hut isn’t the first fast food chain to offer easier delivery. The Domino’s iPad and iPhone app allows users to order food on the go and track its progress. And a Burger King in Glendale is testing a delivery program.

No word yet on whether Microsoft is developing a “Jetsons"-like app that will actually spit a pizza out of the TV after you order it, but people can dream.


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