Frysmith truck to launch four pop-ups including Quesadillasmith


The Frysmith truck, known for its hearty fries that you attack with a fork, is slated to launch four pop-ups that will operate for one week each Feb. 18 through March 17. During that time, the truck will expand its regular fry menu with some items inspired by Los Angeles’ diverse culinary character.

So what does a truck called Frysmith name four pop-up versions of itself? Soupsmith, Wichsmith, Wingsmith and Quesadillasmith, of course. The truck did a Soupsmith pop-up for one week last year and is turning the success of that venture into three more “smiths.”

Soupsmith will start the pop-up tour with its version of updates on classic soups. Some menu examples include a mushroom soup made with a medley of fungi, Gruyere, cognac and truffle oil; homemade miso soup with ground sesame; braised short ribs; and Israeli couscous and vegetables.

The Wichsmith will serve up “green, eggs and ham” with citrus-dressed massaged kale, egg salad and sautéed ham, as well as “sausage and sprouts” made with Italian sausage, deep-fried Brussels sprouts, arugula pesto, shallots and roasted red peppers.


On the Quesadillasmith menu, items include a six-cheese quesadilla and a “Fish Fry” inspired by fish-and-chips, made with fried catfish morsels, Frysmith fries, cheese, malt vinegar and sambal aioli.

The Wingsmith will make traditional wings with a twist such as the “soy coq au vin,” with soy-sauce-steeped wings, red wine, butter, garlic and herbs with bonito flakes.

Fans of the classics can still order Frysmith’s regular fries and sides of their thin-cut pommes frites. For the truck locations and schedule visit at the start of each week or check out Frysmith on twitter @frysmith.


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