Last-minute Valentine: rosé Champagne


My husband never remembers Valentine’s Day. He’s just not sentimental that way. Lucky guy, because neither, as it happens, am I.

But if you’re with someone who does care, deeply, about celebrating Feb. 14 and, gulp, you’ve waited too late to get a reservation at her favorite restaurant, don’t let panic send you out to buy some questionable red underthings at Trashy Lingerie.

Head to the nearest wine shop, pick up a couple of Champagne flutes and a bottle of rosé Champagne. Bring said bottle over, already chilled, along with the makings of a simple but elegant supper -- you can manage a pasta dish or a steak, right?


It will be all right, I promise.

You may already know exactly the right Champagne, but if not, here are some suggestions from major houses, which should be fairly easy to find. If you go to a really serious shop, you should be able to find some special grower Champagnes, too.

NV Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé, about $75.

NV Roederer Estate Brut Rosé, about $25. (California sparkling wine)

NV Lanson Brut Rosé Champagne, about $60.

NV Gosset Grand Rosé NV , about $70.

NV Krug Rosé Brut, about $270.

NV Charles Heidsieck, Brut Réserve Rosé, about $70.


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