FoodCorps expands program, California in the lineup

FoodCorps -- part of AmeriCorps -- is a national organization that addresses food insecurity and childhood obesity in several states across the country through nutrition education and school garden programs. Selected service members are placed in one of FoodCorps’ participating states where they commit to one year of public service teaching and working with youth in school food systems.

Applications for FoodCorps’ 2013 recruitment opens today. The organization currently serves in Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina and Oregon. This year, the program will be expanding to include California, Hawaii and New Jersey too, increasing service member positions from 80 to 130.

In bringing its program to California, FoodCorps hopes to complement the Golden State as a leader in school garden education by offering resources and not competition. FoodCorps has chosen CAFF, the Community Alliance With Family Farmers, and Life Lab  to act as the California co-host sites for the organization. Service sites have yet to be selected but will be announced by Jan. 21. We’ll keep you posted.

The application deadline is March 24.


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