Is this your last shot at tasting the best brew in the world?

Culver City’s wine purveyors The Redd Collection, known for throwing brag-worthy wine tastings, have joined forces with the Sherman Oaks beer and wine destination Valley Beverage to host a beer tasting Saturday that is sure to excite any rare-beer hunters. In addition to eight sought-after, and occasionally avant-garde, beers from the Bruery, the event features one of the rarest beers around: the singular Westvleteren 12.

The Bruery has been making experimental brews in Orange County for nearly five years, and you can sample some of the best examples of their subtly funky farmhouse ales, potent barrel-aged beers, and face-puckering sour brews at Saturday’s tasting. The $30 flight contains the Bruery’s spring seasonal Saison de Lente, two of their regular production beers (Saison Rue and the hoppy Mischief), two sour beers (Reuze -- their funky take on the classic Belgian gueuze, and the earthy Sour in the Rye), and three big, barrel-aged brews (Smoking Wood, White Chocolate, and Melange #3).

In addition to the lineup of The Bruery’s beers, the flight showcases the Belgian quadruple Westvleteren 12 -- often cited as the best beer in the world. The potent and dark brew has traditionally only been available to purchase at the Trappist abbey in Belgium, where the monks oversee its production and distribution. Earlier this year, to help fund much-needed improvements and repairs to the abbey, the monks exported the beer to America for the first (and possibly only) time, and the beer sold out in a matter of minutes at most stores lucky enough to get any stock.


The Redd Collection has a very limited amount of Westy 12 -- as it’s known among beer lovers -- to open for this tasting event, and bottles of all of the beers featured in the flight will be available to purchase. This could be your last chance to score a bottle of the trappist quad without getting your passport stamped (or venturing into the rabbit-hole of online beer trading).

The tasting runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday at Valley Beverage -- 14901 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks.


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