Parent finds meth in child’s Halloween trick or treat bag

The Daily Meal

A parent on a reservation in northeastern Wisconsin found a packet of methamphetamine in her child’s Halloween candy. The unnamed woman gave the packet of narcotics to the Menominee Tribal Police, who say that it tested positive for meth. CBS News reported that the parent found the powder in time and that the child did not ingest any of the drug.

This incident comes hot on the heels of the New Jersey Department of Health warning parents to watch out for marijuana edibles in their children’s trick-or-treat candy. Although the warning came from a place of concern for public safety, social media users ripped the caution apart. Jersey officials still warn that children (and others) should not consume home-made goodies or any treat not in sealed packaging. Unless the ingredients are listed on the exterior, it can be hard to tell what’s actually in your Halloween candy.