600 volunteer mentors show up for ‘Breakfast With Dads Day’ at middle school

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Billy Earl Dade Middle School had 600 male volunteers show up for their “Breakfast With Dads Day” event. Organizers had asked for 50 male stand-ins for the breakfast to encourage students without a father figure to take part, and they were met with a groundswell of support from the community.

Kristina Chäadé Dove, who works for Big Thought, a nonprofit youth organization that was partnering with the school, used Twitter to crowdsource volunteers for the event beginning in early December. “Please share! Men needed!” she tweeted. “On next Thursday, December 14th at 8:30 am at Dr Billy Earle Dade Middle School we will host ‘Breakfast with Dads’. The reality of a great event like this is a lot of our kids will not have a dad present.”


“We are need of at least 50 or more additional male mentors who can devote one hour of their Wednesday morning next week to this cause”.

The event, attended by 150 male middle school students, was inundated with adult male volunteers and had to be relocated from the school’s café to the school’s gym in order to accommodate its many guests.

“I will never forget witnessing the young students surrounded by supportive community members,” said Stephanie Drenka, a photographer and blogger who works with Dove. “There were so many volunteers, that at times I saw young men huddled in the center of four to five mentors. The look of awe, even disbelief, in students’ eyes as they made their way through the crowd of ‘Dads’ was astonishing,” she told the (U.K.) Independent.

Family and a sense of community are just two of the many reasons everyone should be eating breakfast - together!

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