This Giant 213-pound bagel & lox may have just set a new world record

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Brooklyn’s own Acme Smoked Fish attempted the Guinness world record for the largest bagel and lox sandwich.

They crafted the 213-pound 75-ounce sandwich in honor of National Bagel and Lox Day (February 9). The smoked fish wholesaler partnered with Zucker’s Bagels outside of Acme’s 30 Gem St. location in Greenpoint to assemble what may go down in history as the world’s largest favorite Jewish breakfast item.

According to AM New York, Acme co-CEO Adam Caslow said the humongous everything bagel (made by Zucker’s) was expected to weigh around 100 pounds. The bagel slices were be topped with about 40 pounds of Acme’s Nova Scotia smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, and onions just like Bubbe used to make.


After it was built, the hearty sandwich was sliced up and given to the public (to put some meat on those bones... you’re looking so thin!) for free according to Greenpointers.

There was no previous record for this feat, but this massive bagel still needs to be declared by Guinness world records as the largest bagel and lox sandwich in the world.

Bagel and lox is a Jewish tradition much like kreplach soup and knishes. Interested in feasting on a meal the whole mishpocha (family) will be proud of? Check out America’s 20 best Jewish delis.

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