Where to find the best Italian dumplings — ravioli, tortellini and tortelloni


Chef Steve Samson says that every morning, growing up in Bologna, Italy, his nonna would make fresh pasta. Some days she rolled out tagliatelle, others it was tortelloni. What Samson calls “grandma-cooking” is at the heart of his downtown restaurant Rossoblu, where fresh, stuffed pastas are some of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

On this week’s episode of “The Bucket List: Dumplings,” Steve and his wife and partner Dina invite us into their kitchen to make three varieties of stuffed pasta including tortelloni, tortellini and sfoglia lorda, a stuffed sheet of pasta that’s folded over and cut into little squares, typically eaten in hot broth.

Then we visit Pasta Sisters in Culver City, where chef-owner Paola Da Re
shows us how to make her signature tortellini and ravioli.

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Restaurants featured in this episode

Rossoblu, 1124 San Julian St., Los Angeles, (213) 749-1099,

Pasta Sisters, 3280 Helms Ave., Culver City, (424) 603-4503,