What lies within the incredible, edible, marshmallow Peep?

The Peeps show is in full swing -- there’s no way to avoid the high-sugar, pastel-colored marshmallow candies that, in the adorable forms of chicks and bunnies, help make Easter the high-calorie holiday it is.

I hate to be the downer here -- but has anyone bothered to check out the nutrition label on those things?

Americans will eat at least 600 million Peeps this Easter, NPR says. Each of those Peeps has 32 calories (for 160 in a five-pack). Not bad, considering that there are 210 calories in a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar.

And apparently, the Peeps have no fat or cholesterol. They do, however, have a full 13% of your daily dose of carbohydrates ... and it ain’t dietary fiber, if you know what I mean.


Perhaps the strangest statistic on this page comes from the LiveStrong pie chart depicting when people eat Peeps. A good 10% of respondents, the graph says, eat the marshmallows for breakfast.

In any case, when it comes to Peeps, a lot of people prefer to play with their food rather than eat it. Perhaps that’s just as well.

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