The Triple Double Oreo is here, so gird your waistlines


Oreo fans, are you sitting down? Arriving in stores as we speak is the new Triple Double Oreo cookie. That’s right, we said Triple Double, as in three layers of cookie, one layer of original creme and one layer of chocolate creme.

The calorie count on this Big Mac of sugary treats? About 100 per cookie with 1.5 grams of saturated fat. An original Oreo weighs in at about 50 calories per cookie.

We’re not sure if this is part of a bigger-is-better cookie trend -- after all, Oreos also come in 100-calorie Thin Crisps packs, although those lack the creme filling.


The 2011 Sweets & Snacks Expo reported that layered snacks and candies are becoming popular: “Candy and snacks with dual-layers and multiple flavor profiles in one bite top the tasty trends for 2011,” said a news release, “with new combinations including unique blends of fruits and the addition of ingredients like chili and mint.”

But for those trying to watch their simple carbs -- otherwise known as the bane of all dieters -- this might be something of a nutritional nightmare. Pop three in your mouth and that’s one-fifth of a 1,500-calorie-a-day diet. It is not without irony that the cookie’s celebrity pitchmen are athletes: Shaquille O’Neal, Eli Manning, Venus Williamsand Apolo Ohno.

As for how the snacks taste, we can’t say, since we haven’t had the chance to try them (not that we wouldn’t -- after all, we admitted to eating fried butter). Los Angeles Timesdeputy food editor Betty Hallock did give one a go, and says, “I enjoyed it, but still prefer the ratio of chocolate-cookie-to-creme-center of the original.” However, she added this: “I did like the idea of eating one and a half cookies in one, when you want more than one Oreo but can’t commit to two.”

Interesting. Maybe this wouldn’t be a bad idea for someone trying to lose weight who’s looking for a small indulgence -- provided she or he can keep them around without taking down the entire bag in one sitting.

What say you, consumers? Is this just another way to fatten your waistlines, or a reasonable extravagance?