For Jane Fonda, blending fitness and social media isn’t much of a stretch

Jane Fonda may be the ultimate multi-hyphenate: actress-activist-fitness guru-blogger-philanthropist-author. Now that her new batch of fitness videos for boomers and seniors has been released, the 73-year-old is reinventing herself yet again – this time in the social media space.

In a recent interview, Fonda discussed how she plans to combine her relatively newfound love of blogging (on and social media with her longtime commitment to fitness.

“Older women are the fastest-growing demographic for apps, for iPads – I was told that yesterday by someone I’m going to start working with on a much greater digital [project],” she says. Fonda couldn’t say what, exactly, the mysterious project was, but she alluded to imminent plans that are “major major major major -- it would be apps, it would be related to health and fitness,” she says.

Adolescent reproductive health and gender remains an important issue to Fonda -- “it’s what I’ll write [more] books about, it’s what my nonprofits are focused on” -- and she’s currently starring in the Moises Kaufman play, “33 Variations” at CTG’s Ahmanson Theatre, which just began previews on Sunday. But exercise and fitness remain close to her heart. Or, er, her iPad touch screen.

“I kind of started that aspect of the fitness movement and yet, we’re less healthy today than we were then. And that just kills me,” she says. “I want to try and find a way to push the envelope.”

Seems the one thing that’s decidedly not on Fonda’s agenda these days is slowing down.