Heart attack patients and fast food -- some people never learn

Heart attacks might not be such a big wake-up call for some. Sure, many people turn their lives around, but consider this study that tracked fast-food habits among patients who had been hospitalized with heart attacks. Six months after having an attack, researchers say some cut back on their frequent fast-food habit -- but more than half didn’t.

The study published in February in the American Journal of Cardiology identified 884 heart attack patients who said they frequently -- every week or more -- ate fast food. That number dropped to 503 patients six months after they were released from the hospital.

“Male gender, white race, lack of college education, current employment, and dyslipidemia were independently associated with frequent fast food intake six months after AMI [acute myocardial infarction]. In contrast, older patients and those who underwent coronary bypass surgery were less likely to eat fast food frequently,” the study’s abstract says.

Researchers also suggested that “novel interventions that go beyond traditional dietary counseling may be needed” for some.


Hmm, wonder what those novel actions might be when it comes to fast food.

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