Hot guys help out during breast cancer awareness month

Slogging through all the pink-themed products, promotions and publicity centered on breast cancer awareness month, it’s been tough to find anything that stood out. But we did.

We found this video from the Canadian-based organization Rethink Breast Cancer advertising an app that reminds you to do a breast self-exam.

But this is no ordinary breast cancer video, and this is not your everyday app.

The video begins with “Dr.” Rothaford Gray talking about how many women aren’t checking regularly for breast cancer. But, he says, studies have shown that women are more likely to watch videos that feature hot guys. So guess what comes next. That’s right. Hot guys.

There’s Anthony, who quickly doffs his shirt to reveal a stunning six-pack, then tells viewers about the free “Your Man Reminder” app that sends regular prompts from the hot guy of your choice to tell you to check your breasts. If Anthony isn’t your cup of tea, there’s Glenn, or Isaac or Christian. That’s going to be a tough decision.


This video may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we thought it was hilarious, and a refreshing way to get the message across. Now, pardon us while we get serious for a minute: Some studies suggest that self-exams may not improve breast cancer survival. A 2008 Cochrane Library review of two large studies in Russia and China that involved 388,535 women found no differences in breast cancer deaths between women who did self-exams and those who didn’t. However, in the Russian study more cases of cancer were found in the self-examination group. But nearly twice as many biopsies that had benign outcomes were done in the groups that self-screened compared with the non-screening groups.

The American Cancer Society says that self-exams are an “option” for women starting in their 20s and lays out the evidence of their usefulness on its website: “Research has shown that [breast self-examinations] play a small role in finding breast cancer compared with finding a breast lump by chance or simply being aware of what is normal for each woman. ... Women who choose to do [self-exam] should have their ... technique reviewed during their physical exam by a health professional.”

We now return you to your regularly scheduled amusement.