Does your diet need a makeover? Sign up for a Pantry Raid

Are you just out of college and still trying to lose your freshman 15? Did you recently start a family but are unsure how to meet everyone’s nutritional needs? Are your roommates’ bad dietary habits undermining your attempts to eat healthful foods? Then you may be a candidate for our next Pantry Raid.

We’re looking for volunteers to participate in our Pantry Raid series in which we overhaul diets and give practical suggestions for eating and cooking more healthfully. We’ll come to your house with a registered dietitian who will go through your refrigerator, freezer and cabinets and suggest ways to improve your eating habits. We don’t shame, we’re only here to help.

You must be in the Los Angeles area (roughly the San Fernando Valley to Orange County). Please tell us about yourself and your diet and why it needs to be improved. Be sure to include your contact information. Weight loss can be a goal but it’s not essential.

If you’re not familiar with our series, you can read about how we helped this young couple eat a more healthful vegan diet, and how we got this publicist to give up her junk food habit.

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