Cassey Ho’s triangle lift sculpts the lower body

If you want your legs to look good from all angles, try this challenging lower-body sculptor.

Called the triangle butt lift, it’s a great way to tone your legs and abdominals at the same time, says fitness instructor Cassey Ho of the popular Blogilates YouTube channel and “Pop Pilates Total Body Workout” DVD.


What it does

This sweeping exercise tones your glutes as well as your inner and outer thighs while engaging your transverse abdominals to stabilize your body.

What to do

Lie flat on the mat with your hands down at your sides. Lift your pelvis, bringing your weight into your shoulders. Squeeze your abdominals and extend your left leg with the toe pointed up. With your pelvis still high, lower your leg before sweeping it to the side with your foot flexed. Then kick it up to the sky completing your triangle, keeping the hips stable. If you have a weak lower back, you can modify this move by keeping your lower back on the floor while you kick, with your hands tucked under your rear.

How much

Do at least 12 repetitions on each side.