This new drought-tolerant garden in Burbank is overrun with visitors (that is, butterflies and birds)


We’re asking Southern California readers to share photos of their lawn-to-drought-garden makeovers. Here’s how one couple did it:

In an effort to jump-start their Burbank front-yard makeover, Robin Russell and Jennifer Tait “solarized” their neglected landscape by covering the lawn in plastic to kill off the remaining plants to make removal easier.

After taking a design class at Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers and Native Plants, they planted four types of sages, Indian mallow, Buenaventura buckwheat and native deer grass.


They also installed native sycamore trees, coyote brush and non-native lantana.

“The butterflies and birds swarm the plants,” Tait said. “We had a hummingbird build its nest on our front porch.”

Rounding out the landscape is flowering Oregon grape, monkey flower and coffee plants.

The most important thing they learned in the process? “Plant according to mature size,” Tait said.

If you’d like to submit photos of your drought garden makeover, please do so at Bonus points if you include a “before” image as well.


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