Emergency supplies: Tools to put on the list for earthquakes and more


Got batteries? Good. Here’s what else might come in handy when an emergency strikes:

Blue Can water

Purified Blue Can water is hermetically sealed inside a rust-proof aluminum can and boasts a shelf life of 50 years. Available by the case or pallet. One case (24 cans), $29.95 at; also on Amazon.

Little Firefighter automatic shut-off valve


This automatic gas shut-off valve activates and shuts off your home or business’ natural gas supply in the event of a 5.1 or greater earthquake. $89-$475, depending on size, at, plumbing supply stores and Amazon.

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 lantern

This lantern is equipped with a USB port, solar panel or hand crank for three different charging options. It features 250 lumens of bright LED light. It can also be used as a power source to charge phones and other USB devices. $79.99 at

Goal Zero Yeti 400 solar generator kit

There are three ways to charge this portable generator: the wall, the car and the sun. Consumer reviews have given it high marks for powering CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines and other small electric appliances during power outages. $659.98 at also on Amazon.

Moda Seya 11 Function credit-card-size survival pocket tool


Small enough to fit into your wallet, this credit-card- sized tool boasts several applications: can opener, saw blade, ruler, cap opener, screwdriver, and a four-position wrench. $1.65 on Amazon.

Emergency App

The Emergency App puts vital information within reach. This app offers more than 35 severe weather and emergency alerts from natural to man-made and provides real-time information. The app is customizable and allows users to choose alerts that are important to them. Access vital information on what to do before, during and after an emergency strikes. Once the information is downloaded, Internet access is not necessary to access the information. Free at

Mayday Life Pack emergency water filter

Used by the military during Katrina, the filter (from Hydration Technology Innovations) will help provide more than 3 liters of clean drinking water a day for three days. $35 on Amazon.

On-Duty emergency gas and water shut-off 4-in-1 tool


The 4-in-1 tool can assist in shutting off gas, shutting off water, prying open doors and digging through debris in emergency situations. $15.95 at; also Amazon.

Light My Fire fire starter

“Swedish FireSteel” produces a strong spark for building fires or an emergency signal. $19.95 at; also Amazon.

Emergency/camping toilet

A crush-resistant 5-gallon bucket with seat and handle, $20.95. Replacement toilet bags sold separately. $4.75 at; also Amazon.

Bath wipes / shower-in-a-bag


Eight heavy-duty pre-moistened towelettes with aloe and vitamin E. $3.95 at

N 95 Bird & H1N1 Swine Flu & Dust Mask

If heavy particulates are clouding the air (think: fire, dust, smoke), a dusk mask (this one from 3M) can make breathing easier and safer. $1.50 at; also available at local pharmacies, home improvement stores and Amazon.

Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 digital solar dynamo

It’s a radio, an LED flashlight, a five LED reading lamp, a thermometer, an alarm clock and USB charging port. This water-resistant device powers up six ways: (three AA) batteries, tilting solar panel, hand crank, USB port, wall outlet (AC adapter not included) and built-in rechargeable battery pack. It features 11 bands, including AM/FM, Shortwave 1 and 2; and seven weather bands. It also receives wireless NOAA weather alerts. $79 on Amazon.

65-gallon lockable storage on wheels


This 65-gallon container (pictured above) has a lock clasp and can hold earthquake supplies. Wheels make it easy to move. By Mayday Industries. $145 at; also on Amazon.

3-in-1 can opener

Made of tempered steel, this StanSport gadget opens cans and bottles. Also serves as a spoon. $2.95 at, also on Amazon.

Heavy-duty orange Mylar sleeping bag

Made of heavy-duty Mylar, the lightweight (5.8-ounce), tear-resistant sleeping bag comes in orange and measures 3 feet by 7 feet. Comes with drawstring carry case, $7.95. Self-inflatable pillow, $8.95. Available at

Seychelle 28-inch flip-top filter bottle


Lightweight personal water bottle includes a replaceable filter capable of filtering up to 100 gallons of filtered water or more, depending on the quality of the source water; $25 at Amazon.

Mayday 38-piece DogGoneIt kit for dogs

Contains food, blankets, light sticks, dog bowls, leash, collar, water, 50-foot rope, blood-stopping agent, 58-piece first-aid kit, can opener, pet disaster information, waste bags and tennis balls. $44.95 at (where it’s listed as “the Dog Catastrophy Kit”), also Amazon. Mayday makes a 35-piece CATastrophy kit for cats with a similar array. $44.95 at; also Amazon

Solar blanket

The Mayday emergency survival blanket retains 90% of body heat and can also be used as ground cover. $1.95 at; also on Amazon.

Mayday 55-gallon water barrel package with accessories and the Barrel Bag 55-gallon drum cover


The 55-gallon water barrel kit comes with a water-preserving packet, said to extend the shelf life of the water for five years; siphon pump; bung wrench; and tamper caps. $112 on Amazon.


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