Pinterest predictions: The top 10 home and design trends for 2017

Pinterest predictions: The top 10 home and design trends for 2017

Pinterest, the online visual-bookmarking website, has revealed the Pinterest 100, a prediction of 100 design and lifestyle trends that are expected to rock our world in the year ahead.

Trends are identified according to their percentage of year-over-year growth in popularity, which is based on the number of times the ideas have been searched, saved and shared on the site.


In the Home category alone, Pinterest users have saved more than 8 billion ideas to their virtual inspiration boards — and in doing so provided a glimpse into how they want their homes to look and feel.

"The first overarching trend we're seeing is that homes are moving more toward a warm, lived-in feel and away from the minimalist feel," said Stephanie Kumar, the head of category insight at Pinterest, "and the second is an emerging trend that borrows from fashion. It's an intersection of personal and home style."

The No. 1 trend is hygge referring to the Danish word (pronounced "hue-gah") that means a feeling of warmth, welcome and coziness in a home that celebrates simple pleasures, family and friends.

"We have seen clean, Scandinavian design in the past," said Kumar of the blockbuster style, "but now we're seeing that look pivot to incorporate rich textures and faux furs to make the home warmer and more inviting."

As for fashion influences, they are being injected via copper and marbleized finishes, Lucite accessories and deep, moody colors.

"Copper is something we're seeing as an offshoot of fashion's rose gold," said Kumar, "and we're also seeing marble wallpaper. Marble is having a moment in everything from computer covers and phone cases to tabletops and picture frames. And now we're also seeing it on the walls as an accent."

"There is definitely a departure away from minimalism," said Kumar, "and we're seeing a move toward more approachable, muted tones, textures and designs."

The following are 10 trends the Pinterest populace has identified as home design goals for 2017, plus a few of the many retailers and designers bringing it all to life:

No. 1. Hygge

(Pottery Barn)

Danish-inspired coziness that revels in the beauty of everyday moments and is sometimes referred to as "the art of creating intimacy." Think: candles, cozy throws, faux-fur accessories, simple comforts and good company. Tavi Mongolian faux-fur stool, $249.

No. 2. Nightstands

(Pottery Barn)

New nightstands can transform a bedroom with minimal investment. Devon Campaign bedside table, $399.

No. 3. Marble wallpaper

(Art of Wallpaper)

Marbleized wallpaper interprets fashion trends for home. Here's one we like at, prices available upon request.

No. 4. Indoor plants

(Rett Peek)

Climbing vines and potted plants add life to any interior. A little TLC can yield impressive results. Brown thumb? Consider adopting a pothos vine. Designer Kathryn J. LeMaster created this lush, interior landscape.

No. 5.  Copper


Borrowing from fashion's rose gold trend, copper offers a similarly warm, burnished look for the home. Winding Course table lamp, $248.

No. 6. Moody blues

(Benjamin Moore)

Representing a departure from last year's sleek, white-on-white interiors, moody blues and rich, dark colors — such as these, from Benjamin Moore — are making a comeback.


No. 7. Wood tile

(Bonnie McCarthy)

Here's a popular DIY project: Rustic or reclaimed wood boards installed on walls, backsplashes, kitchen islands and more. Chip and Lisa McCarthy used reclaimed wood to create rustic charm in their Long Beach home office.

No. 8. Heated floors

(Andrew Pogue)

Radiant heat sources installed beneath the flooring keep toes cozy and provide an environmentally conscious alternative. The radiant heat installed beneath this master bathroom's modern, concrete flooring was designed by Cornerstone Architects.

No. 9. Acrylic decor


Clear Lucite home furnishings and accessories create a sense of style and work well in small spaces. Oscarine Lucite bar cart, $698.

No. 10. Farmhouse chic

(Andrew Pogue)

Classic shapes, rustic simplicity and natural materials celebrate country-inspired elegance. Warm wood walls and a cowhide-covered chair evoke urban country style in this master bedroom, also designed by Cornerstone Architects.

Day Trip lidded baskets conjur images of country romance. $39.50-$149.

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