‘Mad Men’ memorabilia auction: 13 fun home decor picks

Although many of the iconic props from ‘Mad Men’ have already been donated to the Smithsonian, there are many items — more than 1,500, to be exact — left to stock an online auction beginning Friday.

Fans of the acclaimed series can own a piece of the show, as bidding on props, clothing, home decor and other set decorations begin at noon PST on the Hollywood collectibles auction site Screenbid.

Not surprisingly, there is a surplus of ashtrays and bar carts. Sadly, there is very little of the striking Midcentury Modern furniture the show was known for.

There are some nice surprises, however, such as graphic art prints, funky pendant lights and modern tabletop accessories. Tab cans and fraternity paddles may excite only die-hard fans of the show, but a lovely framed print by David Weidman and a funky flower pendant from Karen’s apartment are delightful pieces that will surely please serious interior design fans.

Auction items are available for preview now on Screenbid. Bidding closes on Aug. 6 at noon PST.



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