Ana Serrano: Everyday L.A., captured in cardboard and paper

Los Angeles artist Ana Serrano creates vibrant neighborhoods filled with color and complexity, yet she produces them out of the most humble materials: corrugated cardboard, construction paper, glue and paint.

These worlds will be on view starting this week in "A Daydreamer's Street," an exhibit at the Vincent Price Art Museum in Monterey Park.

Inspired by real-life blocks around L.A., Serrano's cityscapes celebrate the vernacular structures that instantly feel familiar to most Angelenos: the hand-painted signage, the concrete block, the barbed wire fences.

PHOTO GALLERY: Ana Serrano show at the Vincent Price Art Museum

Her representations are faithful without dissolving into caricatures. Her cardboard-and-paper piñata store could pass for an actual storefront on Avenida Cesar Chavez, albeit in miniature. The attention to detail elevates simple structures of stucco and brick into works of art.

The show runs through July 26 at the Vincent Price Art Museum, which is on the campus of East Los Angeles College. Information: (323) 265-8841.

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