What does Selena mean to you?


Tejano musician Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, known simply as Selena, was shot dead March 31, 1995. Shortly afterward, George W. Bush, who was then the governor of Texas, signed a proclamation designating the singer’s birthday, April 16, Selena Day. Twenty-three years later, Selena Day is still acknowledged by her fans across the world.

Selena’s popularity has only risen since her death. And she’s impacted the Latino community in ways she never could have foreseen. For many Latinas in particular, she’s become an empowering figure. It’s like she never left.

Her music still lands on playlists. She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just last year. From murals to a Mac cosmetics line, Selena has never been more relevant.


We want to hear from you, our dear readers who “would do anything for Selenas.” How has Selena’s music and life story affected you? What’s your Selena memory?

We’ll take some of your responses and publish them on her birthday next week.