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D23 Expo

The D23 Expo covers the world of Walt Disney: movies, television, online ventures, video games, theme parks, merchandise and more.

Disney parks have less Walt, more 'Star Wars,' 'Toy Story' and 'Avatar'

In a bid to stay relevant, Disney theme parks are shifting away from the familiar characters of the Walt era to lands inspired by 'Star Wars,' 'Toy Story' and 'Avatar.'

Disney reveals plans for 'Toy Story Land' and 'Avatar' and more 'Star Wars'

More "Star Wars" (yes more). More "Toy Story." Lots of "Avatar." A little bit of "Iron Man." That was the take-away from Disney's discussion of the its parks

'Star Wars' character Finn has the "most powerful weapon" in 'Disney Infinity 3.0'

On Sunday, the final morning of the all-things Disney convention, the D23 Expo, video games took the spotlight. And then "Star Wars" dominated it.

Disneyland's fabled make-out ride Adventure Thru Inner Space returns through virtual reality

Disneyland's long-lost Adventure Thru Inner Space ride gets new life at D23 Expo, where virtual reality simulations are on tap.

What not to miss at the D23 Expo

The Disney fan convention D23 opens at Anaheim Convention Center offering everything from merchandise to historical explorations