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PHOTOS: Indonesia earthquake - Sept. 2009

An Indonesian volunteer prays at Ambacang Hotel in Padang, Indonesia. Earthquake-triggered landslides wiped out three nearby villages. (Bagus Indahono / European Pressphoto Agency)
Muhammad Ansri, 2, is comforted by his father as he’s treated in a tent hospital in Padang, Indonesia. (Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images)
Members of a Swiss disaster relief team search the rubble for survivors at a school that collapsed in Padang, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. (How Hwee Young / EPA)
Earthquake-triggered landslides killed dozens in Indonesia, many of whom were celebrating after fasting during Ramadan. (Dita Alangkara / Associated Press)
Sigon, 11, is comforted by his mother in a tent hospital in Padang, Indonesia. The number of dead and injured is expected to rise. (Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images)
Earthquake-triggered landslides killed hundreds in Indonesia. The death toll was expected to rise. (Dita Alangkara / Associated Press)
Rescue workers in Padang, Indonesia. Medical teams, search dogs, backhoes and emergency supplies were flown into the devastated western coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra island to bolster frantic rescue attempts for thousands buried by a powerful earthquake. (Wong Maye-E / Associated Press)
Ratna Kurnia Sari is rescued from a collapsed building in Padang. (Roslan Rahman / AFP / Getty Images)
Survivor Suci had been trapped in a building since Wednesday’s earthquake. (Wong Maye-E / Associated Press)
At Paranah village, northwest of Padang, rescuers search for victims of a landslide triggered by the earthquake. (Achmad Ibrahim / Associated Press)
Rescuers carry the body of a landslide victim at Paranah village. (Bagus Indahono / EPA)
A collapsed building in Padang that was designed in the style of the Minangkabau ethnic group. (Yasser Arafat / Associated Press)
A sign for the Ambacang Hotel in Padang. (Wong Maye-E / Associated Press)
An armed forces rescue team walks through the remnants of a collapsed hotel in Padang. (Roslan Rahman / AFP / Getty Images)
Indonesian soldiers dig into the wreckage of a building in the search for victims and survivors after two powerful earthquakes struck Padang on the island of Sumatra. (Adek Berry / AFP / Getty Images)
An Indonesian woman is inconsolable after identifying a dead relative at a hospital in Padang. (Bay Ismoyo / AFP / Getty Images)
Soldiers and rescue workers dig by hand for victims trapped under a collapsed building in Padang. (Achmad Ibrahim / Associated Press)
Rescuers evacuate quake survivor Singaporean John Lee after he was trapped for two days in the rubble of the Maryani International Hotel in Padang. (Adek Berry / AFP / Getty Images)
An elderly woman rests in a hospital after being injured in the earthquake in Pariaman on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. (Yuli Seperi / Getty Images)
A survivor walks amid earthquake-damaged buildings in Padang. (Yuli Seperi / Getty Images)
Indonesians injured in the earthquake crowd a hospital in Pariaman. (Yuli Seperi / Getty Images)
Padang residents inspect the wreckage of the building where they had lived. (Roslan Rahman / AFP / Getty Images)
Residents walk through an area damaged by an earthquake in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. (Dita Alangkara / Associated Press)
A man walks past a damaged building in Padang. (Dita Alangkara / Associated Press)
Residents ride a motorcycle amid earthquake damage in Padang, Indonesia. (Dita Alangkara / Associated Press)
Residents survey the damage caused by the earthquake in Padang. (Dita Alangkara / Associated Press)
A car is crushed beneath a toppled building in Padang, Indonesia. Rescue workers raced to find victims of two massive offshore earthquakes, less than a day after an ocean quake caused devastating tsunami waves in the Samoa Islands. (Maril Gaur / Antara)
Family members mourn victims in front of a collapsed school in Padang, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Officials feared thousands were dead. (Bay Ismoyo /AFP/Getty Images)
People search for victims in the rubble of a collapsed shop in the city of Padang on the Indonesian island of Sumatra after a magnitude 7.6 earthquake hit the area. (Bay Ismoyo / AFP/Getty Images)
Indonesian soldiers try to comunicate with survivors of a collapsed hotel in the city of Padang on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. (Bay Ismoyo / AFP/Getty Images)