California Community News

California Community News, LLC* (CCN) provides a range of printing, packaging and distribution services for several Tribune Company companies, including the Los Angeles Times Media Group (LATMG). 

CCN inserted and distributed nearly 4 billion preprints into 468 million packages in 2008. The freestanding ads are printed for advertisers prior to insertion into The Times’ daily and Sunday editions, as well as the TMC (total market coverage) program**. CCN also prints more than 2.9 million copies of The Times weekly comics and Fin de Semana, the weekend edition of Hoy L.A., LATMG’s Spanish-language publication. In addition, CCN prints multiple zoned real estate and auto advertising sections, as well as specially-themed advertorial and/or editorial sections. 

For LATMG’s Times Community Newspapers (TCN), CCN prints a real estate section and daily/weekly editions including the Burbank Leader, Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot, Daily Pilot (Newport Beach & Costa Mesa), Glendale News-Press, Huntington Beach Independent, La Canada Valley Sun and Crescenta Valley Sun. 

CCN also provides contracted list management, printing, insertion and transportation services for non-Tribune organizations, such as the San Diego Union-Tribune. On behalf of that newspaper, CCN inserts and distributes their preprint program each week via U.S. mail. 

Irwindale, CA facility 

In 2002, CCN consolidated its daily, Sunday and Times Direct® insert processing operations into a new $70 million 325,000-square-foot production center in Irwindale, CA. It is one of the largest, most technologically advanced inserting and distribution facilities in the country. CCN’s web-to-sheet press, installed in 2003, prints 230 million single-sheet, full-color inserts annually. 

*California Community News Corporation, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tribune Company, parent of the Los Angeles Times. 

**LocalValues, LocalValues/RedPlum and TribDirect® offer advertisers an integrated, customized approach - preprinted inserts, direct mail and direct-to-door carrier - for distributing freestanding fliers and product samples to up to 5.1 million homes in Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. 

Los Angeles Times Preprint Distribution Program Overview

Late Week Program
* Branded as LocalValues-RedPlum, a joint distribution program of The Times and Valassis
* Produced and distributed at the California Community News facility in Irwindale, CA
* Distribution quantity = 5,075,000 households weekly
* Zip Codes = 408
* Counties = Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, & San Bernadino
* Delivered to 100% of single family and multi family households in the 408 zip code area 

In-Home dates:
* USPS mailed packages - 97% on Friday, 3% other
* Los Angeles Times Subscriber packages - 100% on Friday
* LANG Subscriber packages - 100% on Friday
* Fin De Semana - 20% on Friday, 80% on Saturday 

LocalValues late week TMC Distribution quantity by delivery method:
* USPS mail distribution - 3,550,000
* Los Angeles Times Subscriber distribution - 700,000
* LANG Subscriber distribution - 325,000
* Fin De Semana - 500,000 

Total LocalValues late week TMC distribution = 5,075,000 

Other Los Angeles Times Preprint Distribution Options 

The Thursday LocalValues program - 900,000 packages delivered to Times subscribers and single copy buyers. 

The Sunday Comic I & Comic II program - 1,200,000 packages delivered to Times subscribers and single copy buyers. 

Other Bulk distribution - is offered to advertisers by The Times on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Advertiser’s preprints are delivered by CCN to the 45 LAT’s Circulation Agent distribution centers and then hand inserted into the newspaper then delivered to subscribers and single copy buyers of the Los Angeles Times. 

Equipment and Software
* 7 GMA SLS 2000s with 16 to 26 hoppers on each, 2 CombiStackers, and a Schur Palletizer
* 5 GMA SLS 3000s with 28 hoppers, 2 CombiStackers, and a Schur Palletizer
* 2 Urbanite 14 Unit Web Presses
* 1 A27 Muller Martine 8 unit Web-Sheet Press
* SAM - GMA Insert production planning software system
* HK WMS - Receiving Warehouse management software system



Drawing of the CCN Facility