Bonded logic denim and cotton insulation
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Bonded logic denim and cotton insulation
WHAT: Bonded logic denim and cotton insulation
IN LIEU OF: Fiberglass insulation
WHY: Recycled and nontoxic
CONTACT:, (480) 812-9114 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
American Pride nontoxic paint
WHAT: American Pride nontoxic paint
IN LIEU OF: Traditional paints WHY: Contains reduced levels of volatile organic compounds
CONTACT:, (601) 264-0442 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
Plyboo bamboo wallcovering
WHAT: Smith & Fong Plyboo bamboo wallcovering
IN LIEU OF: Wallpaper or vinyl wallcovering WHY: Contains pest repellent but no toxins
CONTACT:, (866) 835-9859 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
Oceanside glasstile
WHAT: Oceanside glasstile
IN LIEU OF: Formica or ceramic tile
WHY: Made from recycled glass
CONTACT: (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
Earth weave natural-fiber carpet
WHAT: Earth weave natural-fiber carpet
IN LIEU OF: Synthetic carpet
WHY: Biodegradable; made with 100% natural raw materials
CONTACT:, (706) 278-8200 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
Ecotimber bamboo flooring
WHAT: Ecotimber bamboo flooring
IN LIEU OF: Hardwood flooring
WHY: Bamboo grow quickly and is easily replacable in nature.
CONTACT:, (415) 258-8454 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
WHAT: Icestone
IN LIEU OF: Marble or granite
WHY: Made from 75% recycled glass and concrete
CONTACT:, (718) 624-4900 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
Trex decking
WHAT: Trex decking
IN LIEU OF: Wood decking
WHY: Made from reclaimed wood and plastic; no toxic chemicals
CONTACT:, (800) 289-8739 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
Kirei sorghum board
WHAT: Kirei sorghum board
IN LIEU OF: Wood panel boards
WHY: Sustainable resource, formaldehyde-free
CONTACT:, (619) 236-9924 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
Concrete insulation panels
WHAT: Green Sandwich Technologies concrete insulation panels
IN LIEU OF: Wood and steel framing, cement and masonry
WHY: Made from recyclable materials; superior thermal efficiency
CONTACT:, (818) 771-5200 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
Earth clay plaster
WHAT: American Clay earth clay plaster
IN LIEU OF: Conventional paints or plaster
WHY: Made from clays and recycled industrial waste
CONTACT:,(866) 404-1634 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
Natural linoleum
WHAT: Forbo natural linoleum
IN LIEU OF: Vinyl flooring
WHY: Nontoxic and all natural
CONTACT:, (800) 842-7839 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
Roof modules
WHAT: Greengrid roof modules
IN LIEU OF: Conventional roofing
WHY: Made from recycled plastic; preplanted for an instant green roof
CONTACT:, (206) 521-7652 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
Recycled plastic lumber
WHAT: Choicedek recycled plastic lumber
IN LIEU OF: Wood decking
WHY: Made from 100% recycled wood and plastic
CONTACT:, (800) 951-5117 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
Fiber cement siding
WHAT: Hardiplank fiber cement siding
IN LIEU OF: Wood siding
WHY: Asbestos-free, non-combustible and needs little maintenance
CONTACT:, (888) 542-7343 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)
WHAT: Syndecrete
IN LIEU OF: Poured concrete
WHY: Recycled; no waste created during manufacture
CONTACT:, (310) 829-993 (Eric Staudenmaier / For The Times)