Deep dives on L.A. fashion staples the city loves and that show love right back.

Eventually, everything tired, clichéd or boring is rediscovered. In L.A., what has come back around is a flooring tradition that’s among the most heinous scourges on the human race

Who says you don’t need outerwear in your closet in L.A.? How to find the perfect jacket in a city of microclimates and many moods.

To rock a pair of the iconic frames is to immediately signal to people around you that you don’t just want to stand out; you need to.

Lose a button. Exposed chest hair is the accessory of choice in the desert, where rules can be bent ever so slightly.

The Dodgers’ hat is bigger than baseball. The interlocking L-A is iconic, and to see it on someone’s head is to feel an instant kinship.

L.A.’s most essential fashion: bootleg Dodgers, Lakers merch