You have 650 points to create the perfect L.A. hypebeast. Go!


This story is part of Image Issue 15, “Diaspora,” a fantastic voyage through the mecca of food, from Hollywood haunts to mall food courts to L.A. staples. Read the whole issue here.

There are, as they say, rules to this here. Hunger, hard work and dedication are needed to master the food and fashion game. Cheat codes can only get you so far.

For this feature we wondered: If you could create the perfect L.A. hypebeast, what would they look like? Would they have a particular expertise? How would they navigate the scene? How quick would they be with the reservation apps? Would they be able to spot the new new ahead of everyone else? How well would they adapt to unforeseen obstacles — tardiness, parking, hiccups, available stock?

In Los Angeles, staying on the pulse of food and fashion requires a hypebeast with a very particular set of skills. Choose wisely.


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