High schoolers: Be our guest at online prom by sending us some photos

Students lining up in prom dresses
If school can happen online, so can prom.
(Getty Images)

Dear High Schoolers: Most of you won’t get a prom this year, and this makes us feel very sad. But if school can happen online, so can prom.

We want to help. This year, we’re throwing an online prom for students from all over Southern California. Our strange virtual soiree will have music we hope you’ll like, classic themes, awkward poses and other random things old people think should be at a prom.

However, our prom needs guests. And this is where you come in. If you’d like the opportunity to attend* our prom, we’re asking you to send us a photo of you (and your date or group if you’d like) in your prom formal wear. Then, we will work a little Photoshop magic and voila! you’ll be at our prom.


The details
Step1: Put on whatever you were going to wear to prom (or, if you never got that far, find something fancy in your closet.)
Step 2: Have your dad/sister/grandma take a full body photo of you with a smartphone in your outfit standing against a white wall. If you don’t have a white wall, just find a clean background.
Step 3: Take a few different prom poses. Consider the over the shoulder, the kiss lean-in, the classic arm wrap around or any one of the many, many, many other Google results for “prom photo poses.” Yes, this will look odd because you’ll be standing there by yourself putting your arm around air. But prom is all about awkwardness, so it’s cool.
Step 4: Call up your date or your friends and have them do the same. Then, ask them to send you their photos so you can upload them to our fancy form all at once. This way, we’ll make sure you and your people are all at prom together. If you don’t have a date or any friends, don’t worry, we’ll find you some.

Please note: We’re not telling you to break social distancing and meet up with your friends! Take your photos separately and we will use that aforementioned computer magic to put you all together.

The deadline for uploading your photos is Wednesday, April 29 at midnight Pacific time.

* There is nothing to attend IRL