L.A. Affairs: 14 people who made big moves for love. But the risks didn’t always pay off

Yadi Liu / For The Times


It’s Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than to read some heartfelt tales of people who threw caution to the wind to pursue a love affair in Los Angeles?

Be forewarned: Not all of the 14 L.A. Affairs here have a happy Hollywood ending. (It wouldn’t be L.A. Affairs without a few cautionary tales!)

To make sure you get your fill of love stories today (or any day for that matter), we’ve included an essay about a couple who met as teenagers before their love story was revived decades later in Southern California. Also in the mix is a story by a writer who traveled more than 7,200 miles to meet a man in L.A. and an essay by a software engineer who left the East Coast to romance an L.A. food critic.

And how could we forget to mention the story of a woman who met her Aquaman — no, not Jason Momoa — after leaving Venice for a new life in Hawaii? (Spoiler alert: Don’t worry. She returned to SoCal with more than her luggage.)

Just remember that L.A. is many things to many people, and sometimes it’s the perfect starting point when it comes to love.