Newsletter: Essential California: Cops do a 180, oil spill spreads to Washington, L.A. County’s grand water plan

Good morning. It is Monday, June 1. Are you the mysterious donor who left a vintage Apple I at a recycling plant in Northern California? If so, the company is looking to give you a $100,000 check. Here's what else is happening in the Golden State:


One story, then another

Two sheriff’s deputies have now changed their story about what happened to a man who tried to visit his brother in a Los Angeles County jail. The man claimed he was handcuffed and beaten. Under plea agreements, two deputies admitted the man was punched, kicked and pepper-sprayed, even though he was not resisting. “This case is striking as expectations of solidarity run deep among law enforcement officers.” Los Angeles Times 

Oil spill response

Three U.S. senators say an oil company’s response to a spill off the coast of Santa Barbara has been insufficient. Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein of California and fellow Democrat Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts want to know whether Plains All American Pipeline acted with sufficient urgency to the May 19 spill. “We need answers about why this happened, why the response was insufficient and what can be done to prevent another tragic spill like this from happening in the future,” they wrote in a letter. Los Angeles Times 



How to save water: L.A. County officials will take up a water conservation measure on Tuesday, but some residents are already concerned that it will disproportionately impact large families and large properties. “County officials argue that their approach rewards people who are already conserving and gives heavier users the choice to cut back or pay higher rates.” Los Angeles Times 

Celebrity endorsement: More celebrities are coming forward with their ideas on ending California’s drought. Singer Moby started a petition to “stop corporate agribusiness from tapping out  the state’s water supplies.” Los Angeles Times 



City Hall’s employees: The L.A. City Council wants to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, but when asked what they pay gardeners, housekeepers and babysitters, half of the council declined to say. A spokesman for Mayor Eric Garcetti said employees at the mayoral mansion, Getty House, are paid $13.25 but later revised that to say they’re paid at least $15. Daily News

Art anticipation: When it opens, The Broad museum on Grand Avenue will showcase the extent of Eli and Edythe Broad’s vast art collection. “Everyone wants Eli to roll out the jewels,” said artist Mark Bradford. Wall Street Journal



Little help: Entrepreneur Elon Musk has made a fortune investing in solar panels, electric cars and rockets. That fortune has come, in part, thanks to $4.9 billion in government subsidies. “A looming question is whether the companies are moving toward self-sufficiency … and whether they can slash development costs before the public largesse ends.” Los Angeles Times

Spousal support: Is Anne Gust Brown the most powerful gubernatorial first lady in America? “Everything that I’ve done has been influenced or helped by her presence and our working together and our being together,” said Gov. Jerry Brown. California Sunday



Deputies wanted: The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department needs to hire more deputies, but finding qualified candidates is a challenge. As a result, deputies sometimes wind up working double shifts to make up for the shortfall. Department brass are adamant they won’t lower standards to fill positions. Los Angeles Times



High cost of living: In San Francisco, minimum wage workers are feel insecure despite a recent pay bump. That’s because the cost of living continues to increase in the Bay Area. “There are tensions these days on Valencia Street in San Francisco’s multicultural Mission District over the minimum wage hike and what it means for businesses and the ability of residents to keep up with rising costs.” Sacramento Bee



Golden Gate pioneer: One of the last men to work on the Golden Gate Bridge died last week at 98. Gus Villalta’s son, the mayor of Los Banos, described him as “a humble man, the most decent man in the world. People like him — workers and immigrants — built that bridge.” SF Gate

Changes at happiest place: A look at how the maps of Disneyland have changed over the years. 89.9 KCRW



Los Angeles will be cloudy with a high of 73. San Diego has a chance of drizzle in the morning with a high of 72 degrees. San Francisco also has a chance of drizzle. Temperatures there are expected to reach 62 degrees.



In 2014, 22 movies were “produced primarily within” California, compared to 15 in 2013. Louisiana -- 2013’s leader with 18 films -- had only five in 2014, according to FilmLA.



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