For the record

Gun control: In the March 6 Section A, an article about the gun control debate in Colorado misstated Republican Rep. Mike Coffman’s position on immigration reform by saying he had endorsed a path to citizenship for undocumented residents. While Coffman has expressed support for a pathway to citizenship for the children of people in the country illegally, he said he has not “resolved the question about a pathway to citizenship” for adults who have overstayed their visa or entered the country illegally.

School board elections: In the March 7 LATExtra section, an article about the Los Angeles school board election said that the Coalition for School Reform received about $340,000 in donations from the California Charter Schools Assn. City records have since been corrected to reflect that the money came from a political-action committee affiliated with the association.

Manufacturing jobs: In the March 3 Section A, the caption for a photo with an article about a lack of growth in U.S. factory jobs misspelled the last name of Georgia couple Harold and Tanya Chappell as Chapell.


L.A. council race: In the March 3 California section, an article about a Los Angeles City Council race said that candidate Gilbert Cedillo faces term limits on his Assembly seat. He has already termed out.

“Girl Rising” rating: In the March 8 Calendar section, a review of “Girl Rising” described the film as unrated. It is rated PG-13.