For the record

405 Freeway closure: An article in the May 29 California section about the planned mid-July closure of the 405 Freeway as part of a project to add 10 miles of northbound carpool lane through the Sepulveda Pass said carpoolers and some drivers of hybrids would be able to use the lane. Starting July 1, hybrid vehicles with a yellow sticker will no longer be able to use carpool lanes if the driver is the only occupant.

USC animation: An article in the June 1 Calendar section about USC dedicating the Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg Center for Animation said that while Loyola Marymount offers an animation major, it does not award an undergraduate degree in the field. It does offer a Bachelor of Arts in animation.

Daniel Catan: In an article in the May 25 Calendar section about a Los Angeles Opera tribute to the late composer Daniel Catan, the title of his opera “Florencia en el Amazonas” was translated as “Florencia of the Amazons.” The correct translation is “Florence in the Amazon.” The error also appeared in a photo caption that accompanied the article.

Guyana travel: In the May 29 Travel section, an information box accompanying an article on Guyana said Virgin America flies to Georgetown, Guyana. It does not; the correct airline is Virgin Atlantic.


Viator app: In the Web Buzz column in the May 29 Travel section, a review of the Viator app indicated the app is available for both the iPhone and iPad. Although Viator apps are available for both devices, the review was of the iPad version only.