For the record

Sinead O’Connor: In the Feb. 21 Calendar section, an article about Sinead O’Connor quoted the singer as saying that the songs on her new album, “How About I Be Me (And You Be You),” are “pretty much” about the man who is the father of her youngest child. The article identified that man as John Reynolds. Reynolds is the father of her oldest child. The man to whom O’Connor was referring is Frank Bonadio.

“CQ/CX": In the Feb. 24 Calendar section, the caption for a photo accompanying an article about the play “CQ/CX,” which is based on a reporting scandal at the New York Times, identified the actor on the left as Dave Rosen. His name is Steve Rosen.

BMW review: In the Feb. 23 Business section, a review of BMW’s 2012 328i sports sedan misspelled the last name of Orson Welles as Wells.