The political calculus of the 2013 race for L.A. mayor

In contest for black support, Greuel wins Maxine Waters' backing

Courted heavily by both contenders, the congresswoman announces her support in a press event at City Hall. Garcetti touts backing from black Democratic Rep. Karen Bass.

L.A. tax-hike vote patterns tell a tale of two realities

Those in higher-crime areas, who vote in lower numbers, supported the proposal almost to the same extent that more affluent voters rejected it.

Forecast for L.A.'s mayor race: paltry turnout

'Super PACs' negate spending limits in L.A. mayor's race

Strict limits on campaign contributions imposed by voters nearly three decades ago are crumbling in the Los Angeles mayor's race, with big donors using loosely

The road to Eric Garcetti's election romp

Eric Garcetti's winning strategy in the mayor's race robbed Wendy Greuel of key strongholds in L.A.

L.A. mayoral runoff another low mark in voter turnout: 23.3%

Eric Garcetti finished with 54.2%, Wendy Greuel with 45.8% of the 419,592 votes cast. Final tally confirms preliminary outcomes in all contests on the ballot.