Letters: A classroom lesson on education

Re “A teacher’s goal-line stand,” Column, Dec. 8

Kudos to Steve Lopez and The Times for recognizing the fortitude of Narbonne High School teacher Veronica Bennett, who just said “no” to USC’s newly hired football coach, Steve Sarkisian, when he tried to pull one of her students who happened to be a star football player out of class last month.

Just think how much more teaching could take place if Los Angeles Unified School District officials mirrored Bennett’s stance:

Miss instruction time for sports? No. For assemblies? No. For state mandated testing? No. For teachers’ meetings? No.

But like everything else in education, it seems that the further one is removed from the classroom, the less passion one has for preserving its sanctity.

Society is fortunate to have teachers like Bennett to defend their academic turf. Who else remains in the educational system to convey the importance of learning?


Daniel D. Victor

Los Angeles


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