It’s time to fall back! Don’t forget to change your clocks tonight

Don’t forget: It’s time to change the clocks this weekend and “fall back.”

Before you go to sleep tonight, remember to turn back all your clocks as daylight saving time officially comes to an end.

Your smart devices are so smart they will do this for you, but that still leaves clocks that need manual attention.


Such as: the clock on the microwave, the one on the oven, the old school alarm clock on your nightstand, the coffeemaker...

This all might seem painfully obvious, but we speak from personal experience when we say it’s way too easy to have your entire schedule thrown off because you forgot to manually reset the clock on, say, the car dashboard.

One other tip: Resist the temptation to use this weekend as a chance to “sleep in.”

Sleep experts say your goal should be to resume your normal schedule as soon as possible. For additional suggestions for navigating the time change with ease, go online to