Air cooler
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Keeping it Cool

AIR COOLER: Industrial-strength portable air coolers, like this one from Port-a-Cool, go wherever you are, cutting temps dramatically through evaporative cooling. (General Shelters)
A SPRITZ BREAK: After recently enduring 119-degree heat during her son’s wedding, Linda Cohen and her husband decided to spring for a Rapid Cool misting system for their Woodland Hills home. The device creates cooling clouds that keep the heat at bay. “You can go out and barbecue without feeling you’re being barbecued,” Cohen says. (Gina Ferazzi / LAT)
MISTING SYSTEM: Cooling jets of mist quickly turn into fog and a big temperature drop in John Berger’s flame-broiled backyard in Palm Desert. The force field of cool was installed by misting pioneer MicroCool. (Gina Ferazzi / LAT)
SHOWER: For quick relief, the Island Style Outdoor Shower brings the tropical dousing available at a South Pacific resort to overheated backyards. (Rittenhouse)
SHADE SAIL: One of the coolest-looking solar defenses is a shade sail, or several of them. Bright geometric shapes not only hold off the rays but also turn backyards into art exhibits. (Gale Pacific)