The green rush: Behind the marijuana industry

Mendocino County spars with feds over conflicting marijuana laws

Mendocino County is resisting demands by federal prosecutors for records on medical marijuana growers who registered for permits to cultivate up to 99 plants.

Roots of pot cultivation in national forests are hard to trace

Mexican cartels' role seems smaller than once believed, but the grows and the dangers they pose have proliferated in the last decade.

Pot farms wreaking havoc on Northern California environment

Burgeoning marijuana growing operations are sucking millions of gallons of water from coho salmon lifelines and taking other environmental tolls, scientists say.

Veteran Emerald Triangle pot growers see their way of life ending

Pioneering marijuana cultivators in the hills of Mendocino and Humboldt counties are being pushed to the margins by the legalization they long espoused.

Medical pot returning to underground

Under increased legal pressure, 'Ricky' closed his dispensaries and resumed selling marijuana — but only to those with a doctor's recommendation.