All-day fundraiser for Japan held outside L.A. City Hall

Volunteers staged an all-day fundraiser Thursday outside City Hall for victims of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan last week. Money raised was to be forwarded by the American Red Cross to its counterpart in Japan.

The Japanese Red Cross has sent out 115 medical response teams that include doctors, nurses and counselors, according to charity officials. The agency also relies on 2 million registered volunteers in Japan and operates 104 hospitals and 212 blood-donation centers. Several Red Cross branches have equipment to aid in the government response to nuclear and chemical emergencies. In addition, the organization is helping families reunite through an online service:

Money can be donated online at, or by mailing donations to the Red Cross c/o: American Red Cross, PO Box 4002018, Des Moines, IA 50340-2018. Those who mail donations to Red Cross relief efforts in Japan should specify that is where they wish their contribution to go.

-- Howard Blume