Prop. 38 proponent to stop airing TV ad critical of Prop. 30

SACRAMENTO — Under pressure from some of her own supporters, Proposition 38 proponent Molly Munger said Monday she would take down a television advertisement critical of a tax plan backed by Gov. Jerry Brown on the same ballot.

“The ad that’s been controversial is not going to be on the air, beginning tomorrow,” Munger told a Sacramento television station Monday.

The decision came after a week of sparring by the two campaigns.

Munger complained that the ads for Brown’s Proposition 30 were misleading, while the governor’s allies said Munger was sabotaging both measures with a negative campaign.


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Some of Munger’s strongest supporters, including the California PTA and state Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, urged that her Yes on 38 campaign remove the ad.

Munger’s initiative would hike most Californians’ income taxes for 12 years to raise money for schools and for paying down state debt. Brown’s measure would increase sales taxes and raise income levies on high earners for a shorter period to stave off billions of dollars in cuts to schools.

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