Some say Fresno tree is weeping tears of God

Rosemarie Navarro wore a mask over her nose and mouth and looked up, with hope, from her wheelchair at the crape myrtle tree.

The tree outside her Catholic church in Fresno has been dripping a clear liquid, and Navarro and a small group of parishioners believe the liquid is the tears of God, the television station CBS47 Fresno reported.


"I said my prayer and asked for him to give me a miracle because I'm really, really sick," Navarro told CBS47.

The tree outside St. John's Cathedral weeps more when they pray, Maria Ybarra told the station.

"When you say 'glory be to God in Jesus' name,' the tree starts throwing out more water," Ybarra said.

Ybarra said she was the first person to feel the liquid last week and believes it is from God, whether it is water or something else.

Fresno arborist Jon Reelhorn told the television station that the liquid dripping from the crape myrtle is not water but excrement from aphids, small, sap-sucking insects.

"The aphids will suck the sap, the sap goes through the aphid," Reelhorn said. "And then it is a honey dew excrement from the aphid, and it gets so heavy in the summer that it will drip down."

Reelhorn told CBS47 he found another tree dripping across the street from St. John's.