4 are arrested after protesters scale Universal Studios globe in Earth Day demonstration


Two people scaled the iconic globe outside Universal Studios on Monday as part of an Earth Day demonstration. The members of the Los Angeles chapter of Extinction Rebellion — a group of climate change activists — waved green flags that read “climate emergency,” while they sat atop the structure, claiming to be superglued.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrested the two men on top of the globe and two who protested on the ground. According to the department, the four men are facing felony charges.

In livestream footage of the demonstration, the area around the globe appeared to be blocked off to passersby as law enforcement officers patrolled the scene. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said officials were gathering more information about the situation.


In a news release and a letter addressed to NBC Universal Chairman Stephen Burke, the organization said its action sent “a clear message to NBC and the business community that humanity is running out of time.” In a list of requests, Extinction Rebellion asked NBC/Universal to reject advertising from fossil fuel corporations and “tell the whole truth about our climate and ecological emergency.”

The group’s counterparts in London staged a mass “die-in” protest at the Natural History Museum, resulting in the arrest of about 1,000 demonstrators.

In New York on Wednesday, activists staged a die-in near City Hall that led to the arrest of at least 60 people. Similar demonstrations were also held in Berlin and Paris.