Q&A: What we know so far about the fatal El Cajon police shooting

An image from cellphone video of a deadly confrontation between two El Cajon police officers and Alfred Olango. His sister says she told officers that he was mentally ill.
(El Cajon Police Department)

The shooting of an African American man by El Cajon police Tuesday has sparked protests and also questions about the amount of information released by authorities.

Q: Is there a videotape of the shooting?

Yes. Police Chief Jeff Davis said a witness voluntarily gave police a tape showing the shooting. Davis agreed to release a still photo from the footage but has declined to release the entire video, saying the investigation was ongoing.

He said new San Diego County protocol embargoes footage of officer-involved shootings until the District Attorney’s Office investigates them.


Were the officers wearing body cameras?

El Cajon police officers are not equipped with body-worn cameras. The department recently completed a pilot program and ordered some cameras but officers have not yet been equipped, Lt. Rob Ransweiler said.