How do you break your Ramadan fast?

In California, Muslims observing Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting that began June 6, rise before 4 a.m. to eat breakfast before fasting through the day. Nothing, including water, is consumed. The idea is to strengthen one's relationship with Allah and cultivate self-discipline. And each evening, the fast is broken with an iftar meal.

We are interested in sharing the diverse ways in which Californians end their fasts. Reflecting the region's varied Muslim population, that may include a vegetable pakora if your family is from Bangladesh, or a lamb sambusa if you have Somali or Ethiopian roots.

What is your iftar meal like? We may select several submissions for publication on and in the paper. You can also share using the hashtag #iftarCalifornia on Twitter or Instagram. Ramadan Mubarak, and may your fast be easy!

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