Baby opossums rescued from toilet

Two baby opossums that were rescued from a toilet in a San Diego home earlier this month are recovering, a county animal services spokesman said Monday.

A woman found the first tiny critter partly submerged on May 1, said Dan DeSousa, spokesman for the San Diego County Department of Animal Services. Animal services officers pulled the opossum from the water and took it to Project Wildlife, a nonprofit that nurses injured or sick wild animals back to health.

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Several days later, the resident found a second baby opossum in the toilet, DeSousa said. Animal services officers rescued that animal as well, and delivered it to Project Wildlife.

“The little baby was struggling to keep its head above water and was very cold,” DeSousa said of the second opossum.

The two babies are recovering well, and will be released back into the wild when they are old enough.

Winkley writes for the San Diego Union-Tribune.


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