Mystery over speeding exotic cars in Beverly Hills and diplomatic immunity claims

A pair of exotic sports cars speeding through narrow residential streets in Beverly Hills sparked a police investigation and inquires to the U.S. State Department about the possible diplomatic immunity of the vehicles’ owner, authorities said.

In videos posted on Instagram and YouTube, the 12-cylinder engine of a yellow Ferrari LaFerrari is heard letting out a roar as its tires squeal down North Walden Drive off Elevado Avenue, followed by a white Porsche 911 GT3.

At one point, the LaFerrari weaves left around a car ahead of it stopped at a stop sign and through an intersection while people stand in the road and on the sidewalk, watching. Some appeared to record the entire incident on their cellphones.

Warning: The following video contains repeated uses of profanity.

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Police ultimately showed up and began interviewing neighbors, who complained the driving was reckless, said Lt. Lincoln Hoshino. At some point, a person who identified themself as the vehicles’ owner approached officers, denied speeding, running a stop sign or driving recklessly, Hoshino said.

“That individual claimed to have diplomatic immunity,” he said.

Police have now reached out to the State Department to check on the person’s status and if the vehicles seen in the video are street-legal in California. The Beverly Hills police have a press conference scheduled for Thursday to reveal new details.

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