Northern California child prodigy gets college degrees at age 11

Last year, Tanishq Abraham graduated from high school. Nothing unusual -- except that he was 10 years old.

Now, one year later, the Sacramento boy is celebrating another milestone.

On Wednesday, the 11-year-old earned three associate degrees -- in math, science and foreign language studies from American River College in Sacramento. He accomplished this by taking college courses while in high school.

On Thursday, Tanishq tweeted, “Awesome feeling – completed my first baby steps to my BIG goal.”


If all goes according to his plans, the boy will grow up to become a Nobel Prize-winning doctor and medical researcher, then a U.S. president.

At Wednesday’s graduation, Tanishq told KTXL-TV his accomplishments were driven by pure passion for learning.

Last year, Tanishq gained national recognition and earned attention from President Obama -- who sent him a congratulatory letter -- after becoming one of the youngest people to graduate high school.

At age 4, Tanishq became one of the youngest members of Mensa, the prominent high IQ society. At age 7, he became home-schooled.

While meeting his high school requirements, Tanishq was also enrolled in college. He completed 42 credits upon graduating from high school.

Tanishq said he now plans to get his bachelor’s degree.

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