CHP officer shrugs off praise after delivering baby on Sacramento freeway


A California Highway Patrol officer is being hailed as a hero for his quick actions, safely delivering a baby along a Sacramento County freeway.

CHP Officer Jeffrey Lloyd had just finished a traffic stop at the Fruitridge Road offramp on southbound Highway 99 when a driver in a gray SUV pulled up behind him at 4:38 p.m. Monday.

Lloyd approached a woman in the front passenger seat, who alerted him that she was in labor and ready to give birth — prompting him to go back to his patrol vehicle to call dispatch and gather medical equipment needed for the delivery, according to a CHP Facebook post.


Back at the SUV, he comforted the soon-to-be mother and then focused on delivering the child, carefully unwrapping the umbilical cord from the girl’s head. Lloyd called dispatch again to give an update on the birth, staying with the newborn and her mom until a crew from the Sacramento City Fire Department arrived.

In a broadcast interview with commentator Kevin John, Lloyd brushed aside praise, saying: “I’m just humbled to be there, to be able to assist the family.”

He said years of training and common sense propelled his actions, adding: “I don’t know if we can ever imagine this” situation. “You just hope that all your training … everything clicks in.”

So far, the child’s mom has chosen to keep her identity private, but both were taken to a local hospital, where mother and baby “are in excellent health and resting,” according to the CHP.

In response to the public attention, Lloyd said: “We’re paid to go do our job. This is part of it. I’m just glad I could be there and help out.”


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